Immersive Storytelling.

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Some of the projects we're most proud of:

We also work with some of the world's best-known brands to disrupt and innovate old-school business practices. 

Finding new solutions using virtual reality technology is our passion & is key to building a sustainable ecosystem for our industry. 

We are attention seekers.

CATS are not PEAS is an immersive storytelling studio.

Putting you at the centre of our stories using virtual reality.


Founded by VR filmmaker Alex Rühl:


"She is a pioneer of the 360 medium, unafraid to try new genres

and create new IPs for immersive tech." - Virtual Umbrella




Alex Rühl

VR Director & Producer

As well as directing and producing VR projects, Alex is invited to speak globally on the topic of next generation storytelling and the potential of VR as a cinematic artform.


She is an advisor to companies and brands about the creative processes behind VR and also the behaviours of the audiences that experience it.


She is currently curating a strand of 360 films for a pop up VR cinema in Leicester hosted at the Phoenix Cinema supported by the BFI.

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say hi.

Cats aren't really known for being social.

But our owner Alex seems pretty chatty:

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