VR just got personal.


Subconscious VR personalises experiences in real-time based on gaze tracking data.

Current users:


(Subconscious VR platform white labeled)

Consortium of four hospices lead by Leicester-based

LOROS Hospice


HospiceVR app on Oculus Store

BETA CMS system for media/user management

(currently CMS only allows clients to upload and select experiences pre-built experiences)

Testimonial about Hospice VR partnership:

"CATS are not PEAS have been of vital support to LOROS Hospice in our pursuit of VR. Whilst we had a vision as to how VR could be used for direct patient benefit we were less clear as to how we could actually make this happen in an affordable and accessible way. Alex’s clarity, energy and can-do approach gave us the confidence and the necessary boost to turn the ideas into action – and most importantly to enable patients to have a therapeutic VR experience from within the hospice which is a very powerful experience. Alex herself has been a source of great knowledge and technical advice – as well as a true champion for the ideas that we had".

- John Knight, CEO, LOROS Hospice